Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a procedure used to save an infected tooth. It is performed when the nerve inside the tooth becomes infected from decay, bacteria, face trauma injury, or a crack in the tooth. When the tooth's nerve also referred to as pulp, is weakened from decay, bacteria is able to build up and cause infection. If the infection is not properly treated in time, the tooth will eventually need to be pulled to prevent further damage to the rest of the mouth. The pulp in the tooth is what controls our sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Usually infections in teeth are spotted early as infections tend to cause severe toothache pain, gum sensitivity and inflammation.

During the Root Canal Therapy procedure, the diseased pulp and decay from the inside of the tooth will be removed.

Root Canal Therapy typically involves more than one appointment. At the second appointment the tooth will be examined to make sure no further infection is present. If the tooth is clean, the tooth is permanently sealed during this visit. Teeth requiring root canal therapy often need a post and a crown to prevent them from breaking. You will be advised of this at the first visit.

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