Botox is is one of the most effective and popular wrinkle treatments used today. Its made form a diluted form of botulism toxin which has been used in medicine for over 30 years. First used to treat wrinkle in the late 80's and is today widespread, because it is high reward / low risk procedure. it is a simple injection that can be accomplished in a few minutes. Injected into facial muscles it causes them to relax, which softens the appearance of wrinkles, especially in the brow and around the eyes. its duration varies from patient to patient but 3-4 months is typical.



Juvederm is a smooth in consistency filler used to fill and soften the appearance of lines around the mouth. Juvederm is great for softening the crease that goes from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acids, which is protien found in the cell walls of our body, so adverse reactions to the treatment are rare. Due to its thinner consistency the swelling and bruising after injection is typically more mild than when using heavier bodied fillers like Restlyne. Juverderm treatments around the mouth typically last 6-9 months. Juverderm applications are also easily correctable, a simple injection of a dissolving enzyme can reverse the treatment.

Botox and Juvederm treatments are administered by Dr. Christian Rouleau, a board certified plastic surgeon

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