Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the preferred alternative to dentures. Many people who lose their teeth turn reluctantly to dentures as replacements, but they need not do so. Dental Implants also work wonderfully to replace missing teeth. The implants act as teeth roots fusing with the jawbone to create permanent foundations.

Unlike dentures which easily slide in and out of place, dental implants are not removable. For this reason eating with implants feels the same as if eating with natural teeth. Pronouncing speech is also easier to do with implants than it is with dentures. Patients tend to slur words with dentures because the dentures slide back and forth while speaking. With dental implants, patients have more comfort.

In order to be considered for dental implants, patients must have healthy gums and enough jawbone for implants to latch onto. Our dentist will evaluate a patient's gums and bone beforehand to determine whether they are good candidates for this tooth replacement option.

The process for inserting dental implants involves first inserting the titanium tooth root implant into the tooth socket. It will typically take up to 12 weeks for the implant to fuse with the bone. Once the implant is integrated with the surrounding bone a crown will be fabricated to restore your smile.

We also have an oral and maxillofacial surgeon on staff to provide third molar extractions, dental implants, biopsy of oral lesions, botox, and Juvederm injections.

All Implants are performed by Dr. Christian Rouleau, our staff oral surgeon.

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